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Intravenous ketamine is a safe therapy that’s proven effective when other methods aren’t. A growing body of scientific research shows ketamine infusions work best for patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, burnout, postpartum mental health conditions, PTSD, OCD, migraines, or chronic pain and are ready for change.

Teaming up with you, the primary provider, we strive to integrate these transformative treatments into a comprehensive, individualized mental health care plan. Operating under the principles of patience, presence, and empathy, we prioritize post-treatment followup and use the Osmind EHR software and mood-tracking app to integrate online support and ongoing patient-provider communication into our care.

If you’re a provider with a patient who could benefit from ketamine treatments, please call us at 650-419-3330 to learn more.

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There is a growing community of California therapists who meet virtually each month to support each other and discuss ketamine-assisted psychotherapy techniques, research, cases, and more.

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Ketamine Research and Resources

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  12. Revealing the Mind: The Promise of Psychedelics

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