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Ketamine infusion therapy is a continuously evolving science. To maximize our patients’ outcomes and maintain the highest standards of safety, we stay informed of current research, attend conferences, discuss protocols with our colleagues in the field, and, most importantly, LISTEN TO PATIENT FEEDBACK.

About Dr. Sara

Sara Herman, MD, is a board-certified anesthesiologist and founder of Soft Reboot Wellness, a Silicon Valley-based ketamine clinic.

After majoring in human biology with a concentration in technology and society at Stanford University, she studied and trained in cardiothoracic anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and Columbia University. Sara’s personal experience with mental health while undergoing breast cancer therapy in 2017 inspired her shift in focus from operating room medicine to psychedelic healing. Dr. Sara has trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Dr. Phil Wolfson and is a member of the Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates. She is an Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine fellow and will be certified in psychedelic assisted therapy by May 2022 upon completing a fellowship with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. She has set an intention to practice psychedelic medicine with ethics, integrity, and a commitment to her patients’ holistic wellness.

Dr. Sara’s degrees, training, and certifications:

About Dr. Natasha Carey

Dr. Natasha is a board-certified anesthesiologist.

She holds A BS in Chemistry from Columbia University and MS in Chemistry from UC Berkeley. Her Physical Chemistry research has been published in peer-reviewed journals. She received her MD from UCSF and stayed there for anesthesia training. She practiced clinical OR/OB anesthesia in the Bay Area for 20+ years. Dr. N. embraced the value of non-traditional healing pathways after a personal odyssey through chronic neck pain. She also rediscovered the works of great Russian writers for their empathy and faith that suffering ennobles, and their confidence that we can transcend pain. She often translates Russian poetry to bring this special Russian brew of soul remedy to the Anglophones. She is tickled pink that the old anesthesia drug she had used throughout her career to snuff out consciousness has been redeployed to expand it.

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When you feel called to the path toward transformation, we’re here, waiting to escort you on the journey.

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