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Illustration of a cluttered mind

What’s The Difference Between OCD and Anxiety?

You’re anxious about certain things and are a stickler for organization. You never thought it was a problem until a friend pointed out you’re spending way too much time doing this rather than that. Do you have anxiety or something else? The key to getting

Worried girl sitting on the floor holding her head

Panic Disorder and Grounding Techniques

Many people get panic attacks but recover in a short period of time with little ill effect. But when panic attacks become regular and affect daily life, you may be experiencing the first signs of a panic disorder. But there may be ways to slow

Music As Medicine

Music As Medicine Melodies can cheer us up, and that’s just the beginning Some believe that the birth of the universe was accompanied by sound—the primordial om.  Perhaps, that’s why human are naturally drawn to music, seeking out vibrations as a way to anchor an

5 Ways To Turn Inward

5 Ways To Turn Inward We could all use a bit of a mood reboot and it’s easier than you think Anyone who has cut out whole food groups or tried to go to bed three hours earlier knows that drastic lifestyle change simply doesn’t
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