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Can OCD Affect Your Memory?

Doing something repeatedly or feeling compelled to take action to reduce stress or anxiety isn’t just a personality quirk. OCD is characterized by intrusive, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and repetitive behaviors or mental acts (compulsions) that the person feels compelled to do in response to the

How Do Antidepressant Treatments Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that affects the whole body. The persistence of fibromyalgia wears many people down and results in fatigue, sleeplessness, cognitive problems, and mood issues. Researchers suspect that fibromyalgia is related to nerve damage throughout the central nervous system – the

What is Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Our bodies’ experience of pain is a fact of life, as horrible as it may feel. Our bodies speak this language when something is wrong and needs to be expressed. Pain is the first indication that something is wrong or you’re injured. Naturally, this pain

Are Migraines & PTSD Related?

You survived a life-threatening traumatic incident like a natural disaster, or a bad accident. Months later, you experience severe headaches that last for hours or days. Likely, you’re experiencing a migraine – a type of headache – which is often present in trauma victims. Thankfully,

How Does Ketamine Treat Substance Use Disorder?

You had a friend in college who lived to drink – who skipped classes just for a shot of his favorite alcohol – but then one day woke up and decided enough was enough. He basically went cold turkey, abstaining from drinking wine, beer, or

Is Ketamine A Psychedelic?

Research into psychedelic therapy is quickly re-emerging, with evidence suggesting that these substances could prove instrumental in managing severe and treatment-resistant mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. What are Psychedelic Substances? Psychedelics are psychoactive substances that produce a change in perception, consciousness, and

Is Dissociation a Symptom of Depression?

You lived through trauma, and there are certain times when you’re numb from the memories and feel like you’re detached from your body and the world around you. Sometimes, you’re sad for days and have trouble sleeping. If these symptoms continue, you may be experiencing

Fibromyalgia & Inflammation

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes widespread muscle pain, tenderness, excessive fatigue, and poor cognition. The National Fibromyalgia Association reports that the condition affects an estimated 10 million Americans, with a ratio of nine women to one man. Causes of Fibromyalgia Evidence suggests that

Is OCD An Anxiety Disorder?

You always take a deep breath, hold it, then count to 10 before exhaling and walking into your office at work. You’re afraid of germs that might filter into your house when you fetch the mail, so you wipe down packages before opening them. It’s

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