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How Do You Manage Chronic Pain?

You got a small paper cut, put on some ointment and a bandage, and never gave it a second thought. Why? Because you knew the cause, and that the pain would eventually subside. But what if you experience pain without injury or illness, and it

How To Fight Anxiety

Anxiety happens every day, with symptoms like nervousness or lack of concentration often disappearing on their own. Everyone deals with anxiety symptoms in a unique fashion, whether it’s through medicine like ketamine, psychotherapy, lifestyle or dietary changes, or trying herbal or nutritional supplements. Persistent symptoms

How To Stop Depression

Author William Styron famously called depression “the grey drizzle of unrelenting horror.” Sometimes it hits without warning, leaving you grappling with emotions you never worried about before. In most cases, such feelings will subside, but when they don’t and instead interfere with daily life, you

Does Anxiety Cause Shortness of Breath?

You just finished 45 minutes of exercise, and you’re sweaty and a bit tired. That’s normal. A cool towel and break normally helps, but what doesn’t seem right is shortness of breath. That normally doesn’t happen, and if it continues unabated even without strenuous activity,

How Do You Describe Atypical Depression?

You’re feeling a little sad. Maybe it’s because you and your spouse are finally empty nesters, with your last child recently moving out. Then you flip through a photo album of when your kids were younger, and you suddenly feel better. But if the feelings

How Can You Treat Social Anxiety Disorder?

Many people aren’t comfortable with large crowds or public speaking and avoid those situations at all costs. But if avoidance and fear become the ruling dynamic in your life, you may be experiencing the first signs of depression or, more significantly, social anxiety disorder. How

What Causes Seasonal Affective Disorder?

If you get moody or mildly depressed when the seasons change, you’re not alone. Symptoms like fatigue and depression could be symptoms of something called seasonal affective disorder. But this condition can be managed; you may find relief with certain kinds of therapy, as well

5 Key Symptoms of Depression

Everybody suffers from “the blues” or has a bad day because of a conflict with a loved one or friend, but if low moods, anger, or changes in appetite or weight happen every day, all day, for two or more weeks, you may be experiencing

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